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Though You Knew All These Things - Belshazzar's Story - Daniel 5

May 15, 2022    Dr. Craig P. Scott
Our world is coming unglued before our very eyes while the western church is shrinking, and Americans are making themselves comfortable in their deluded sense of peace.
Much like Belshazzar did many years before when the nation of Babylon fell in one night. He knew all the things about the true LORD. He knew of God’s power through the testimony of his grandfather, Nebuchadnezzar. BUT . . . he turned his back on the things of God and ended up paying for it with his physical life, and now is facing his eternal condemnation.
Similarly speaking many people today are doing the same thing. They know of the LORD through the testimony of their grandparents, parents and maybe even their friends, but they reject what they hear. They continue to turn their backs on the LORD, their Maker. They are in danger of not only losing their physical lives (which is in the hands of the very God they reject) but if they do not repent, they will face an eternal condemnation.