Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

The Genuine Christmas Miracle - Is. 7:14

Dec 5, 2021    Dr. Craig P. Scott
When we think of Christmas, we often think of a baby cradled in a manger with his mother and stepfather looking on. Yes, Christmas is this and so much more. It is a miraculous event. It is God with us. It is a demonstration of God’s great love towards us, and it is the unfolding story of our redemption. In Christ’s first coming we find the source of the free gift: the forgiveness of sins, eternal life, and so much more.
However, the many themes of this historic event are being watered down. For example, Christ’s first coming and our great redemption has been cleansed from mainstream media. Now when we watch popular movies or TV shows we are taught a Christmas without Christ . . .
•Christmas is a magically time of the year.
•Christmas is all about gifts and giving
•Christmas is a time when anything is possible,
•Christmas is all about family,
•Christmas is loving and sharing with one another,
•Christmas is a festive time of year
•Christmas is about lights, evergreens, traditions, singing, Santa, Reindeers, black Friday shopping deals, Yule time logs, and roasted chestnuts.
•We learn of Ebenezer Scrooge who despised Christmas, the Grinch who stole Christmas, Ernest who saves Christmas, how Charlie Brown decorates for Christmas, and we watch the heartwarming Hallmark romance of a love that is rekindled on Christmas. All without Christ.
How did we ever drift so far from the truth? How is it that a whole generation now knows very little about the true meaning of Christ? How did we ever drift so far that we give very little acknowledgement to the real Messiah the Savior of the world – who is the sole reason why we set apart this day?