Baptist Church in Waterbury Connecticut

Jochebed: A Godly Mother – Exodus 2

This message examines the life of a godly mother. She was not called to make the social registers of the world or to do such noble things as delivering an enslaved people. But according to the Scriptural account she was to “take this child away and nurse it” (Exodus 2:9).  However, her three children grew up […]

Fear Not – Isaiah 41:10

Isaiah is prophetically looking into his future and he sees a crushed and discouraged people.  They are a people held captive by an oppressor and their situation was of their own making.  There was no way out.  They had no place to flee.  All their resources were spent, and the realization of their hopeless situation […]

Deceivers Among Us – Jude 1

Jude wrote to believers in Christ telling them “to earnestly contend for the faith.” False teaches abounded in the 1st Century and they abound today. It is important for us to understand how many false teachers are reaching into our churches stirring up trouble. This message will point out their methods and ways we can […]