Baptist Church in Waterbury Connecticut

Defending the Faith

Deceivers Among Us – Jude 1

Jude wrote to believers in Christ telling them “to earnestly contend for the faith.” False teaches abounded in the 1st Century and they abound today. It is important for us to understand how many false teachers are reaching into our churches stirring up trouble. This message will point out their methods and ways we can […]

What is Truth – Pt-2

Why do I believe the Bible to be true?  That is . . . Why do I believe the Bible, consisting of the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments, is the infallible Word of God, verbally inspired by God without error in the original manuscripts? Why do I believe that God’s intentions revealed […]

What is Truth? – Part One

What is truth? This is not a new question. The subject has been discussed through-out the ages. In fact, this very question was spoken nearly twenty centuries before by a high government official. He was trained in politics and the law. His statement, “What is truth?” has echoed even to our day. We find his […]

Our Faith In The Crosshairs

There is nothing new under the sun.  Our faith again is coming under attack.  This is not uncommon in other parts of the world.  Misunderstandings, falsehoods, lies, twisting of Scriptures and more have been the methods of attack against God and His people through out the ages.  Though this is a new experience for those of […]