Calvary Baptist Church in Waterbury, Connecticut

Sermons on Kingdom Living

When You Pray – Part 2

Prayer is vital to every area of Kingdom living. We cannot give, fast, or even be filled with the Holy Spirit unless we pray and keep in constant communion with God. Without sincere Spirit led prayer our faith can easily tumble into meaningless religious ritual. This message examines how to pray the right way.

I Am Come To Fulfill The Law

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day added many traditions which often distorted the Word of God. They believed by keeping their traditions they would live on a higher plane. In reality, they perverted truth. So when Jesus swept away their perversions, they were offended and declared that Jesus was out to destroy the Law of…

Salt and Light

The sum total of this passage is that the genuine changed life of a Christian ought to impact the world for God. When we live according to the beatitudes we will then function in the world as salt and light. This is our function. This is our call. To this end God has left us…