Calvary Baptist Church in Waterbury, Connecticut

Sermons on Prayer

When Your Past Catches Up To You

How does someone pray when their past catches up with them? In this message we will examine the life of a man who had this happen. I would describe his situation as embarrassing, devastating, humiliating and life threatening. How do you pray when confronted with such a past? Such was the trouble Jacob brought upon…

When You Pray – Part 2

Prayer is vital to every area of Kingdom living. We cannot give, fast, or even be filled with the Holy Spirit unless we pray and keep in constant communion with God. Without sincere Spirit led prayer our faith can easily tumble into meaningless religious ritual. This message examines how to pray the right way.

When You Pray – Part 1

Man has a tendency to corrupt every aspect of genuine faith.  We have even done this with our communion with God.  Some have turned a vital relationship with God into a religion filled added rituals and forms of set prayers.  Therefore, this message will address the wrong ways men pray.