Calvary Baptist Church in Waterbury, Connecticut

Likewise Ye Husbands and Wives – 1 Peter 3:1-3

When it seems the world cannot get any more upside down than it already is, we wake up the next day to hear about another law that is passed, or another event occurring which takes us to a whole new level of absurdity. Our culture is being shaken and turned on its heels, from wars and rumors of wars, increased terrorism, economic instability, corporate and government corruption, to the disintegration of the institute of marriage and the home.

And then we turn to the pages of Scripture to seek sanity and peace, only to find that what we read is now considered radical, controversial and countercultural. The very words of Scripture are inflammatory. Often it flies in the face of contemporary practice. It is offensive to the world and even shunned by some Christians.  When I perform a wedding ceremony I often say,

Marriage is a holy institute. It is ordained and sanctified by God. However, in our day, the fundamental elements of this institute are being challenged. The very idea of marriage is sometimes called old fashion, unnecessary, and too narrow. Even the biblical nature of marriage is being redefined and reshaped into something God never intended or sanctioned. With these changes, God’s design and order for society is being undone. That’s why it is important for us to understand some key elements that make up a biblical marriage.”

I know that in most crowds, there are those who hold to the biblical concept on marriage – that is, one man for one woman in a pure and faithful relationship. This may even include the biblical model of the divinely assigned roles for a man and a woman. However, in growing numbers, there are others in the crowd who have in varying degrees set aside biblical values. Which leads me to our text this morning. It once was a passage that was widely regarded as common teaching on the subject of marriage; whereas today it is considered offensive. It has to do with submission.