Baptist Church in Waterbury Connecticut

The Fullness of Time – Galatians 4:4

When you take the time to ponder the Galatians 4:4 passage, you will find that it is one of the most profound statements in Scripture.  It is speaking about the APEX of all human history.

It is not speaking of some future event.  Instead, we are being told that there was a point in the past that was so significant and so earth-changing that it comprises the center piece of all history. It is the APEX of all time. Every past, present and future event relates to or is impacted by that monumental period.  Every significant event before that time led to its climax and everything that followed was, is, and will be affected by its occurrence.

It should cause us to ask, “What is this historic event? When did it take place? How can any single event or time-period have such seismic effects on history and on human lives?  This message seeks to answer these questions.