Baptist Church in Waterbury Connecticut

The Regathering of Israel

There are many items in life we regard as impossible to restore, such as marriages that reach a point of no return; love that turns to hate, and so much more. Such was the mindset of Israel.  As far as they were concerned their nation was dead.  It was all over.  They were defeated by the Babylonians.  Multitudes were destroyed or transplanted from their homeland to a foreign land with no possible way of return.  They no longer had a place to worship.  Their temple was destroyed. Their priesthood could no longer offer sacrifices for sin.  Their homeland was settled by Gentiles from all over the Babylonian empire, meaning their homes and farmlands were now owned by another race.  They no longer had a reigning king, their army was destroyed and they were governed by another nation and a foreign king.

In truth, what we often count as dead, only means we can’t fix it, but when placed in God’s hands, He can.  Is not God able to restore marriages?  Cannot God restore a love that is thought to be lost?  Cannot God save lost individuals by His grace?  Has not God raised people literally from the grave?  Certainly, if anyone had a hopeless case, it was Israel.  So God sent the prophet Ezekiel to encourage Israel.  He prophesied that God will one day do the impossible, by regathering Israel together again as a nation.