Calvary Baptist Church in Waterbury, Connecticut

What God Sees – Genesis 40-41

In this message we are going to get a rare glimpse of what God’s sees as one man goes through 26 years of trials.  I confess, I do not know all that God saw, but I know what the Scriptures tell us.  Because of this, we will learn how God pours out His grace on us as we undergo trials. This will be helpful, because it is often hard to see what God is doing while we are in a difficult trial.  We will see how His sovereign hand moves the hearts of men and history according to His will.  I also pray that you will be assured of His power to restore and change hearts.  He can change hearts and restore even the most stubborn, broken and desperate.  And lastly, we will learn of His great love towards the unworthy.  For we will see our Lord laying a foundation stone of redemption in the most undeserving and terribly dysfunctional and broken of families.