Calvary Baptist Church in Waterbury, Connecticut

What is Truth? – Part One

What is truth? This is not a new question. The subject has been discussed through-out the ages. In fact, this very question was spoken nearly twenty centuries before by a high government official. He was trained in politics and the law. His statement, “What is truth?” has echoed even to our day. We find his words recorded in the New Testament, in the Gospel of John, chapter 18, verses 33 to 38. There, Pontius Pilate, then the Roman Governor of Judea, stood before Jesus and sarcastically said “What is truth?”

There are three features that we must settle to understand what is truth. First, we must come to grips with what is truth. To do this we must determine if there is anything in this world that is absolutely true and unchanging. Second, if absolute truth exists (which we contend exists), then we must determine to follow after truth. We do this by measuring everything we do to that standard. Finally, if truth exists, then we must stand up for truth.”