Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

When God's People Yield to the Holy Spirit - Acts 19

Jul 27, 2022    Dr. Craig Scott & Craig Akins

In this lesson we will look at what happens when a church (a local gathering of God’s people) is energized by God’s grace. That is . . . “What does it look like when a group of born-again people begin to live, as our Lord intents in the midst of this upside-down world.”
Acts 19 is about Spirit led, grace filled believers who were empowered by God, to magnify their Lord. It was a place where God’s word continually prevailed in their lives.
There are two key parts in this passage: First is found in Acts 19:17b “and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified.” Second in Acts 19:20 – “So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed” in Ephesus. In between these two important phrases we can see what happened (Acts 19:18-19). That is: “Fear fell on the people and they . . . The “they” refers to believers, because Acts 19:18 says, “And many that believed came.” And these believers began to confess their sins and show their deeds and their rid their lives of all hindrance to God’s leading.”

This passage is a perfect description of what happens with a group of God’s people who are empowered by God begin to magnify Christ. When God's Word prevails in and through someone’s life, they will consecrate their lives and rid themselves of anything that hinders or displeases God.