Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

The Anchor of Our Soul - Hebrews 6:19

Sep 28, 2022    Dr. Craig P. Scott

All good sailors know that when a hurricane is forecast, they are to seek shelter and drop their anchor in a safe harbor. Yet when the storms of life come many in our day do not have a safe haven to flee when trouble approaches. They are on their own and it is frightening endure the violent storms without a safe place to shelter and anchor their soul. Without a safe haven, the reaction is panic, fear, and dread.
In the spiritual realms we need an anchor for today’s storms. Without the right anchor, we would be in serious trouble. In our passage this morning we find God promising Abraham that He would be his anchor in all the storms of life.
Hebrew 6:13 - says, “For when God made promise to Abraham . . . he sware by himself saying, “Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee. .”