Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

Reaping from the World - Genesis 13-14

Nov 9, 2022    Dr. Craig Scott & Craig Akins

Oh, the harmful things we unwittingly bring into our homes. We never imagined our foolish choice it would get so out of hand. It often happens when were careless, foolish, or we did something on a whim that seems so small and insignificant at the time.  Maybe it was an impulsive sinful choice, not realizing how that unguarded act would impact our family and our lives forever, . . . but now the consequence of that choice is upon us.

 Abram was brought to the Promised Land by God. Up to this point he had two glorious appearances of the LORD -- one in his homeland of Ur, and the second one in the Promised Land, while dwelling in Bethel.

However, even after receiving two revelations from God, Abram still made foolish choices. First, he moved southward to Egypt.  No doubt he was influenced by the glorious stories of Egypt. It was an ancient world with green crops due to the Nile’s fertile basin. It was a nation with pyramids, history, and grandeur, that stood for at least seven dynasties. 

Secondly, when famine hit, rather than consulting God, he was moved by his flesh to take the seemingly easiest route to bring the greatest amount of comfort for him and his family.   

Because of his foolishness, (1) his relationship with God suffered. Similarly, when our relationship suffers with God so does other areas of our life.  (2) His integrity suffered when he was in Egypt.

Imagine what Abram’s servants thought of Abram when he lied about Sarah. A man who trusted God to bring him to the Promised Land but now not trusting in the same LORD to protect him.

Matters only got worse when Sarah was taken to Pharaoh’s house. Abram profited from Pharaoh and at Sarai’s and Pharaoh’s expense.

Imagine what suffered between Abram and Sarah.  Their marriage was strained. I’m sure after that it was never the same.  The man of honor is now seen as the man of dishonor.  The man of protection is not seen as a coward.  The man of God is now discredited

Imagine how this must’ve affected lot.  Did Abram condone lying? Did Abram approve of ill gained wealth?  What kind of God did Abram serve?

God delivered Abraham. Sarah was rescued. And Abraham repented and returned to the Promised Land, but the scars remained, and bad habits were taught and learned.

Make no mistake, when we leave the place that God has for us, in order to pursue an easier way, (even though the trial is over and you return to the LORD), we may bring us unwanted and unsuspecting baggage.

Sin habits are like bedbugs.  They get into everything, and they are hard to get rid of.  Often, the easiest thing is to throw everything out and start afresh.