Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

I Am Your Exceedingly Great Reward - Genesis 15-16

Nov 16, 2022    Dr. Craig Scott & Craig Akins

Abram knew the LORD was His exceeding great reward. Therefore, he strove to live according to the promises.

On the basis of the above promises Abram believed God and left his homeland. He left his father’s house.

In Genesis 13 we saw that Abram gave up the first choice of the Land (Gen 13:14). In that choice he risked his wealth and live stock . . . . yet he believed God as able to provide.  Why because the Lord was His exceeding great reward.

In Genesis 14 he risked his life and future security to save his foolish nephew Lot. He rescued, Lot from king Chedorlaomer, and in doing so he made some very powerful enemies.  The two of the four Kings of the East he defeated were from the region of Babylon and Assyria. The other two kings were from the Persian area.

What if these nations were to return?  They were strong enough to take well fortified cites in the Promised Land.  Abram was a nomad living in tents.  He had no walls to protect him.  

Abram later refused to make huge profits when he rescued Lot (Genesis 14:22-24). He believed God was able to provide. Abram was willing to risk his security and his wealth . . . he gave up everything. He gave up huge sums of money. He gave up what appeared to be precious and beautiful land . . . all because he knew the LORD is his exceeding great reward.