Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

Blessed Are the Persecuted

Mar 19, 2023    Dr. Craig P. Scott

There are 400 direct references to peace found in the Bible.  There are many more numerous indirect references to peace. 

Within the Scriptures we find that human history began in peace.  That is, when God created all things in the beginning, before the fall. He created all things good.  The item that broke this peaceful harmony was sin.

The foundation for lasting peace is not found again until we turn the pages of Scripture to the New Testament.  There we find the true foundation for genuine peace at the cross of Jesus Christ.  Believers today can find the peace of God reigning in their hearts. It is because of the work of Jesus.  They also look forward to the time when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will return to earth to establish His word-wide kingdom of peace on earth. Until then the world will not know peace.