Calvary Baptist Church of Waterbury, CT

The Amazing Growth of Christianity - Matthew 13:31-32

Nov 13, 2022    Dr. Craig P. Scott

One third of the world claims to be follows of Jesus Christ.  Globally there are 37 million churches with 50,000 new ones added every year and no two are the same.

These figures do not account for the millions of underground or house churches where it is dangerous to profess your faith publicly. 

There are 34,000 different denominations with 1,200 of them in the United States.  Some are absolutely heretical; others teach a smorgasbord of beliefs from the bible and other religions while others strive within their culture to teach God’s word and to be faithful to Christ.

Many ask why there are so many different churches in the world?  Why are there so many different styles of worship and denominations in the world?  

When we get to Matthew 13 Jesus is preparing His disciples so they would understand how the coming Kingdom would manifest itself.  He taught this in a series of parables so the diligent and faithful would search for the meaning of the Kingdom and understand. The Parable of the Mustard Seed explains how the Kingdom of Heaven will expand throughout the world.